Pre-KHow exciting!! Your youngster is just a year away from starting school. Should you prepare him or her for the world they’re about to enter? You bet!! And Kreative Kampus is here to help.

You might ask, “What’s the difference between Pre-School and Pre-K?”

Great question! While the two are very closely intertwined, Pre-K refers to the curriculum and education we provide for those children that are just one year away from starting their Kindergarten year. This typically includes children in the four-year old age group.

At Kreative Kampus, we believe that this group of students-to-be require a special set of educational tools to be ready for when school starts. The curriculum in our Pre-K program is more structured towards enhancing your child’s ability to read and prepares them for topics they’ll see in school such as math.

Do you have questions about how your child can become prepared for Kindergarten? Contact Kreative Kampus today to learn more!