Working Together For The Benefit Of All Children!

IinfantsJust welcomed a new baby to your family? Kreative Kampus is here to help in their early development. ToddlersToddlers sure can be a handful. But that’s only because they’re so eager to learn! We’re here to guide them. Pre-SchoolThe Pre-School years, before a child enters school, are crucial in his or her development. Pre-KAt age four, your child is preparing for Kindergarten. Ensure that he or she is prepared! After School CareDo you require supervision for your school-aged child before or after school? Look no further.
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Welcome to Kreative Kampus! Located at 1729 E. Thomas Road in Phoenix, AZ, Kreative Kampus is a full service child care center dedicated to providing children of all ages with quality education, confidence-building care and a fun experience!